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Welcome to Cheap Insurance Ireland

Our aim is to make it as easy and pain free as possible to find cheap insurance quotes.

Finding insurance quotes can be a time consuming task. The usual process is to call around each insurance company one by one, give each of them your details, tell them what you need covered etc. Because of financial regulations there is some standard information they will need to go over with you. The same happens on each and every call you make to get a quote. What many hope to be a 5 minute phone call can turn into 30 minutes. Multiple that by 5 calls for quotes and you will be spending around 2 and a half hours on the phone trying to get the right deal.


Insurance FAQ's


Why do I need insurance?

Insurance covers you from unexpected events like accidents or theft of your possessions. In some areas like car insurance, you are legally required to be insured while for the likes of home insurance not having the proper policy in place could invalidate your mortgage or result in you being refused a remortgage. Having a good policy in place will also give you peace of mind against any costly outgoings which you would need to pay out of your own pocket.

How do I keep my Insurance price down?

First of all you should never just accept the price given for your renewals. Insurance companies make money from a lot of people who do not question or negotiate the cost of their renewals. It is always advisable to shop around for both first time insurance and when it comes time to renew your policy.

Should I pay it all upfront or pay monthly?

If you can afford to pay for your policy upfront it will save you money on the interest added when paying monthly. The interest charged varies by company but it can be a significant amount so always check the total amount payable for monthly plans.

How do i make a claim?

The exact process will vary depending on the policy and the insurer. You should first of all gather and note down as much information about the event related to the claim as possible. This will help when it comes to completing the claim form. Contact your insurance company and make the aware of the incident. They will either post you a claim form or sometimes you can download the form from their website.

What is insurance excess?

Almost all insurance policies will have an excess clause. This is basically the amount you as the holder of the policy will contribute to a claim. There are usually two different excesses, voluntary and compulsory. There may also be a clause which state the “overall excess” which is the voluntary and compulsory combined.

No claims bonus – what is it?

You earn a no claims bonus (ncd) for every year no claim is made against your policy. When changing to a new insurer you will be asked how many years ncd you have. This will usually effect the cost of your quote.

Will my policy cost rise if I make a claim?

It is likely that making a claim will result in most policies premium increasing at renewal. however each individual policy will be reviewed by the insurer as each policy holder will have unique circumstances.

Will an insurer ever cancel my policy?

This should only happen in extreme circumstances or when a company feels too many claims have been made within a certain period of time. Insurance companies want your business and as long as you abide by the conditions of the policy and there have been no abuse of the policy there should be no danger of cancellation by the insurer.

Why do insurers ask me for medical history?

Car and travel insurance will almost always ask you for any pre existing medical conditions. It is vital that you provide the insurer of all relevant information as not doing so could invalidate your insurance. The main reason they will ask you for medical information is to ensure you get the right cover for your personal circumstances.

I am not sure of the amount of a previous claim, what should I do?

If you have declared you have made a previous claim, your new insurer will want to know how much the claim was for. It is understandable you may not have this information at hand. However you can get the amount by calling your insurer at the time of the claim.  They will be able to provide you will the costs involved.

Are there charges if I cancel my policy?

Each insurer will have different terms and conditions for cancellations. You can check at the time of purchase what charges may apply if you amend or cancel yours within the year. There is usually an admin fee and if you paid upfront you may be entitles to a refund on a pro rata basis.

Is insurance cheaper for a particular gender?

No, from 2012 gender regulation from the European Court of Justice forbid gender being a consideration when the cost of premiums is calculated.